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Saturday, June 21, 2008

SAPP - vote of no-confidence against PM

Sabah Politics has always been with full of suprises, well at least those days. Anyway what a bold step taken by SAPP under the leadership of Yong Teck Lee. Beside Anifah and Ghaffur I don't hear any of the other MPs that actually voice their dissatisfactions openly (they could be wispering). Well MPs don't forget you are elected by the people and it is for the people's interests that you should act. PM called it greed, CM says uncalled for in the spirit of Barisan National, Tan, disputed the decision and the rest .......................
The following are some of the newpaper highlights in our local DailyExpress

But for a Sabahan like me whatever the motives are, IS IT FOR THE INTREST OF THE SABAHANS. Is Yong really addresing the so called "Window of Opportunity" for us Sabahans? Has yet to be seen, but he sure got the ball rolling, let see what happen next ....... Will any of our other MPs make the next move? ..... the 20% oil royalty will do a lot of good to us Sabah people, and getting back Labuan would be a dream come through. Will the Pakatan Rakyat take the oppurtunity to jump start its moves to be in power? Anwar seems confident that he got all planned out.

Could Anwar be behind all these? The Hong Kong meeting seems to indicate so.

Wow! It is so so obvious that when one is no more under the camp of the PM or not in the good books of the PM everybody will start barking at him. Who's next in line ..... "KAWAN JADI LAWAN" well that's politics I guess.

WHO's NEXT ...........................?????

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sandakan - Seafood Bah Kut Teh lunch

My Friend Peter bought me lunch at Nam Chai Retaurant at Tanah Merah, Sandakan which is famous for its Bah Kut Teh speciality. We decided to have seafood and Vegetables instead of the normal pork Bah kut Teh like the one in Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We had fish, prawn and "Bayam". It was fantastic, fresh and cheap at RM23.00 for two person. I am happy with both quality and quantity but it's so nice that it's really never enough. You just want to go back for more. So it's a place that you must not miss whenever you are in Sandakan.

Just Look at That ................................YUMMY

Happy Hours at Sandakan Yacht Club

With the kind invitation of Mr Daniel Liaw we enjoyed our happy hour session at the Sandakan Yacht Club. It was my first time at the club and I must say it's really a nice place to just relax and have a good time. A cosy set-up by the sea, live music with sea breeze you won't relise how time just fly and it's time to call it a nite or rather morning, ha ha ha.

Cheersss ...........

Edmund was the highlight of the night after showing his talent with the keyboard while singing, he continue the night sipping our local brewed rice wine "TAPAI" and having a goooood time .......

A close-up "TAPAI", you must try it.

Sandakan - Breakfast at Kampung Nelayan Cina, Sim Sim

Everybody knows that Sandakan is well known for its fresh supplies of seafood. But for a visitor to enjoy this "fresh" seafood heaven one must know where to go. Who would have thought that one of the best seafood noodle is found at this Kampung Nelayan Cina, Sim Sim. Well you better believe it. Whenever you are in Sandakan you must visit this particular seafood outlet. There are actually a few outlets here but our visit only limited to this particular outlet known at H 84, Bridge H 8 (Lorong H 8), Kampung Nelayan Cina, Sim Sim, Sandakan as it was highly recommended by our so called guides Mr. Alfredo and Mr Andrew whom are both Sandakan boys during their younger days and yes they are great eaters.

This Way, yes make sure you take the "Lorong 8" bridge.

The walkway to shop or rather house " H 84"

Yes this is the Front View of the outlet, so just enter as you wish as there is no sign board whatsoever to guide you.

The Gang after a really, really superb breakfast. Well as I can remember everybody goes for a second helping.

Supplier/fishermen uploading their catch to the shops. So its really fresh from the sea.

Slices of fresh fish before they are cooking.

Just look at that ....................... Yummy (RM6.50/bowl) I am sure you will order a second bowl.

So called set breakfast

Served with this "Sambal Udang" even drive you appetite .....

Friday, May 23, 2008


Johnny Horton, one of America greatest Country and Western composers and performers was born in Los Angeles, however grew up in Texas. Johnny was a star Basketball Player and was offered twenty six different scholarship. Alter his Gallatin High School days he attended the Lon Morris Junior College in Jacksonville,Texas before moving to Kilgore Junior College, Baylor University and Seattle University, majoring in geology and petroleum engineering, with a minor in psychology.

Becoming interested in composing song in college, he began writing songs and singing them to his friends. After coming back from Alaska, Johnny took part in a singing contest at the Harmony Park Corral in Anaheim. Johnny singing thirteen songs that he knew at that time was noticed by one of the executive of a recording company who later helped Johnny to secure a spot on “Home Town Jamboree” a program originated by El Monte with Cliffie Stone and Tennessee Ernie as the masters of ceremonies. After his success on the “Home Town Jamboree” he was signed up to appear on the Station KWWKH in Shreveport, where many country music stars have been featured. Johnny’s success came with “The Battle of New Orleans” album which sold more than two million copies. Johnny’s other success were the “Sink the Bismarck”, “North to Alaska” and “Johnny Horton Makes History”.

SIDE ONE : North to Alaska, Whispering Pines, Johnny Rep, The Mansion You Stole, I'm Ready, If you are Willing, When It's Springtime in Alaska.

SIDE TWO : The Battle of New Orleans, All for the Love of a Girl, Sink the Bismack. Comanche. Jim Bridger. Johnny Freedom.

Other Columbia albums by Johnny Horton :
* Johnny Horton Makes History.
* The Spectacular Johnny Horton.

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